So sometimes there are some real gems out there on teh internets, which I accidently come across in my constant search for those Horrible Cosplay pictures we all know and love, and -cough- secretly call mistress when no one can hear -cough- .  Now more often than not these Cosplay Done Right pictures will be of girls, girls usually in skimpy and revealing outfits.

Now I have no control over this as it seems the vast majority of the Cosplay community is made up young females who are portraying characters from various Asian anime series which generally depict their female characters as something more akin to sexpots than 60 year old catholic nuns. For which I am truly grateful. There are some blokes out there who do pretty well too and I’ll be sure to point them out.

But just dont think I set out to have a page dedicated to boobs, because I didnt. It, you know. Just seemed to have worked out that way.



I wonder what she is wondering about?


Done right, right?