What is this place? Why am I here? Who farted? I’m hungry! I don’t like new things!

If you are asking or saying any of the above to yourself. I doubt I can help you on anything but the first. Oh and maybe the third, but I’ll never admit to it do ya hear!

Rusty-Tech is where I put my thoughts and literary work out into the world. I know, I know. Your thinking ” Oh God not another self obsessed wanker, spewing garbage onto my Intrawebs about how his mummy didn’t wash his favorite shirt!” or ” Another full of himself prick who thinks he’s the next Tom Clancy!”

Rest assured I am neither of those. I am much much worse.

I am a technically minded manchild who has an irresistible horrible cosplay fetish, who relates to his friends and anyone else who will listen, the misadventures in his life. I also have a penchant for writing fiction, some of which you will find here.

Ye have been warned!