I have just got finished setting up a new section of the site, which you will find under the Nerdvana tab to the left and above of this post.

Please welcome Horrible Cosplay Thursday!!!

Quite obviously it deals with a passion/sickness of mine. Horrible Cosplay. Its something I know I share with a few of you. I will be doing my best to bring you the worst the Internet has to offer every Thursday. If you don’t leave you computer with a slightly sickened feeling then I shant have achieved my goal.

The site is very much still a work in progress, so I am spending a fair amount of time reading and searching for lame WordPress threads on how to do stuff. One thing has become crystal clear during all this. To all intents and purposes I have no fucking idea what I am doing. The annoyance that is currently bugging me big time is that when you roll your mouse over a link from one of the main tabs at the top of the page, it turns the link white, making it effectively fucking invisible. It seems there will be no other way for me to resolve this than to code some sort of CSS patch into the theme being used for the page.

Me and coding are a very fucking bad idea. But hey enjoy the new section!!!