When the physical urge to fart, brings a stab of sheer terror into your mind that this time you wont make it to the bathroom, and end up spraying your shorts with the contents of your bowel.

Trust me on this one folks. I’ve been living it for the last two day’s and I honestly doubt i will ever be able to fart again without breaking out in a light sweat. The cause for my most recent close and personal acquaintance with my commode is not certain. I have narrowed it down to either a bad Bacon and Egg wrap (Say it ain’t so!) or a very bad reaction to a couple of No Doze pills. They being the only non-standard things i ingested on Monday, which lead to the night from hell and the following day of woe.

In between visits to my private porcelain sanctuary, i managed to knock off season 2 of Breaking Bad. A rather witty and at times comical view into the life of a man who is a high school chemistry teacher, whose only goal it to just sell some drugs to make enough money to provide for his family after he dies of cancer. It has the guy who played the father in Malcolm In The Middle. At times you see that character in this, but the most of the time he is someone else entirely. Mainly a pissed off drug producer who takes two steps back for every step forward.You quite often feel sorry for the guy as he is a total failure as a merchant of death.

Well worth a try if you ever have the time. Not that i would recommend blocking out your calendar the way I did.