Cosplay Done Right is attracting roughly 20 spam comments a day. The bots are going hard. I had been managing it by manually removing each comment, but that was a serious pain in the arse. So have called in the help of a few plugin’s.  But you know, its kinda nice to know that the blog has been noticed. Even if it was by an automated search program which then unleashed wave upon wave of bot comment attacks. Maybe at some point in the future they will be replaced by real readers.

Other than defending the site from the tidal wave of bots, I have been doing a lot of research on big screen TV’s. I had promised myself a while back that once i had paid off the car that i would get myself a proper 21st century TV. I have been waiting a while, to join this new age of moving image’s being displayed on screens that weigh less than 90Kg’s. Sadly I forgot a little something. That being the car needs to be inspected to pass for registration, then get re-registered and re-insured. All up it looks like it will cost me about a grand.

So i wont be joining the 21st century quiet yet. But its close…. ish.