Initially the 3D aspect put me off as I would actively try and focus on the thing which was in 3D. Usually some frond or floating bug. But the majority of the time that object was purposely out of focus which was both annoying and a great way to get eye strain. To be perfectly honest there were great swaths of the movie presented in 3D which I felt didn’t really need to be. It felt like they said ” Hey this movie is in 3D, we need some 3D content in this section, you know so people realise this movie is in 3D. That rock TOTALLY needs to be in 3D otherwise they wont get the proper 3D experience!”   

There were a few places where I thought it was fantastic, and they nearly made up for all the filler. Story wise I felt like I got what I paid for in Avatar. A Sci Fi flick where humanity shows its ugly colours. I have to agree with Cameron’s detractors in some part. Surely between the time he came up with the concept and then scripting, and then finally shooting. A better name for the mineral could have been worked out. Unobtanium is just laziness on his part. Especially when there is a whole monologue dedicated to explaining how rare the thing is.

Highlight between the spoiler tags to see some comments about other more specific plot points. 
Plus using running sequences to jump us through the three months of Jakes “training” was a bit clichéd. Yeah you got a sense of how big the tree was, and that he was learning skills. But for a movie over two and a half hours long, these three months took up next to no time at all. I did miss about 5 or so minutes of the movie due to my getting older and Movie Drink Cup sizes getting larger ( a medium coke should not be in excess of 800ml no matter where you are, if couples are too stingy to buy two cokes that’s their own business) this part I missed appeared to be in an important bit as well, between Jake being basically imprisoned by his “co-workers” and then somehow magically re-appearing to lead the indig’s in battle against the evil humans. But overall I enjoyed myself and would happily see it again.
The alien sex scene in 3D was… Interesting. I am of two minds, had this been a “human only film” then it would have been De rigueur for the two main characters to fall into this cliché consummation of forming a bond after spending a 3 months together in close contact where they learn almost everything there is to know about each other. But when the characters are not human, and unlike animals display passion and tenderness during their love making. It felt entirely too voyeuristic. I’m sure id have felt like that in the 2D version. Making it 3D added a sense of realism that very effectively made me understand why the porn industry are so “turned on” to 3D.


All in all though, it was a good movie and i don’t feel entirely put out spending 19 bucks on the ticket. I figure this is the price point movies have been heading towards for a while at the cinema. Its just now you actually get something that comes close to giving you your moneys worth.