The Good News first!

After 5 year’s I am $224.84 away from owning my car. Outright. The only thing holding me back from paying that last little bit off is some cash needs to clear between banks. I am fucking chuffed that I have done this, because I did it all on my own. Mommy and Daddy didn’t buy me a car when i turned 16, or 18, or 21. All of you who did have such gracious parents. I honestly think you missed out on an experience that can teach you so much about responsibility and a certain things worth when you don’t buy your own car.

“Pfft” you say, “I got my car for free and spent all my money on other things!” Yes you did, and i bet you that you didn’t value them beyond how they made you appear.

So i now have a great credit history that can go and get me into an even large debt to buy a house!  

I used to joke (bitterly) that I was just a bitch to my car loan, that if it wasn’t for it I’d be happy living on a beach doing fuck all and getting the dole. I’ll be celebrating my emancipation by taking myself off to see Avatar this weekend. I’m going to be pretty skint for the next fortnight, but i need this little reward after all these years of denial!  Plus I’ll be power saving over the next few pays and buying myself a new TV. Putting my money to work for ME for a change!

Lessons learned from this.

1. ALWAYS save up a deposit, never take a 100% loan. You end up paying double maybe triple what you borrowed.

2. RE-FINANCE! Dont just stick with the deal you have got. Because you can almost always find a better deal somewhere else which will allow you to pay things off quicker.

3. Only suckers don’t have full Insurance. Yeah that monthly payment sucks. But if you have an accident its the difference between having to go out get a new loan just so you can buy a car to replace the one you lost. Or just having the Insurance company write you a check to go buy a new one.

Moving on! The bad news? I have posted the obligatory Horrible Cosplay Thursday update. You might never touch yourself again, after seeing it. Unless you’re into that kind of thing…

Oh I haven’t forgotten about the Story that I have been promising if any of you are concerned ( or just like pointing out I haven’t delivered something I promised) Its just turned into something a lot less simple plot wise so is taking longer to write than i anticipated. But I think its not too bad, and will be worth the wait.