So CES has kicked off. There are some very interesting toys coming off the production lines this year. I am quite interested in the plethora of Slates/ Tablets which are being released in particular. I have been a big supporter for Tablet PC’s for quite a while. I loved my Compaq TC1100 to death, literally. It gave me four years of dedicated service, but died eventually due to faulty design which lead to a cracked motherboard (right through the on-board video card) twas a very sad day when it failed to boot for the last time.

I have been eagerly waiting for the Asus T101H to drop as it appeared to be the perfect solution for my needs (To have a device which i could watch video on, surf the web, and do some word processing on, and use as an e-reader) for my daily train trips to and from work.  Since it got pushed back 12 months I am hoping that they will have done a fair bit of revision and given it a bit more grunt.

Will have to see what if anything they say about it I guess. The Microsoft tablet and the Apple iSlate will not grab my interest too much I predict because of limitations in design and their application and DRM ecosystem’s.

As it is Thursday there has been a Horrible Cosplay Thursday update. Please enjoy, or cry. But remember to take any shards of your broken minds with you on the way out.

Hopefully I’ll actually write something in the next few days to release to you guys. I have an idea for a short story which is always a great start i find. Its just a matter of fleshing it out a bit.

Highlight between the spoiler tags to see the secret message.


It will be Sci Fi and have direct links the the game EvE-Online.


Anyway, that’s enough from me now. I’m off to bed. Off to work nice and early in the morning.

FUCK I need to win lotto, I don’t think i can hack being a working stiff for the next 30-40 years!