Something happened at work today which I think was interesting and amusing so I thought I would share with you all.

Everyone these days has a ringtone for their phone which is invariably a song by some band or pop group which can be easily recognised. Now in my opinion these things act as a pretty good indication of the type of person who owns the phone and set the ring tone. This isn’t a 100% accurate rule as every now and then you will have a kindly looking grandmother whose purse starts blaring out Kanye West’s “Gold digger” or Rage Against The Machines ” Killing in the name of” because their grandchildren thought it would be funny. Personally I agree with the kids.

Anyway, for myself I have set Greens Keepers – Lotion as its a nice catchy little tune about something seriously fucked up. Which appeals to my personal sense of humor. As most people do I set the ring tone for my own enjoyment but unlike most I did keep in mind that  other people will have to hear this from time to time so kept the nice long intro. Most days when it rings i can pick it up before it gets to any lyrics. So you just have a catchy guitar riff and that’s pretty much it.

Well today I was caught out on a call already on the work phone when my mobile (cellphone for all you US readers) went off.  I had just been about to leave  so had already put my mobile into my pocket and taken it off silent, when my direct line on the work phone went off. It was from a number I knew and I needed to speak to this person about a problem one of our customers was having. I started writing down some details, and that’s when my mobile started ringing. I had no choice but to let it ring out.

One of my colleagues immediatly challenged me as I got off the phone.

Them: ” Hey! Whats that their singing on your ring tone?!”

Me: ” Errr sorry? Oh erm, their singing about lotion.” 

I was caught off guard so didn’t know really how to answer them.

Them: ” No they were singing about membranes and hoses and shit!”

Me: “Well you know that movie Silence of the Lambs?” They nodded. “ Well its a song about that, specifically when the guy had the girl down the hole and was telling her to rub the lotion on.”

Them: ” That’s sick.. I thought it had a funky tune, but that’s fucked up Anthony. You should take that off. People will think you like that stuff.”

Now I’m not one to like being told how I should live my life. As I see it as long as I harm no one in my personal pursuit of happiness then its no ones business.

Me: ” Well yeah I suppose you could think that, but I don’t. I think its pretty funny, such a nice sounding song about something seriously fucked up. You know, it messes with your head a bit. I don’t see any reason why I should change it, its like the Bacon flavored jelly beans. A joke for me alone.”

At this point their phone rang, like it does every half hour or so. Christina Aguilera singing about how Dirty she is.

I hardly think my co-worker is in any position to lecture me.