It has been a few days now since NYE. I have recovered sufficiently to do something more than lie in my bed and silently scream WHY, OH DEAR GOD WHY, DID I HAVE THOSE LAST THREE VODKA SHOTS?!?!

Yes I slightly overdid it on NYE. As a result I missed a New Years Day BBQ being held by one of my co-workers. A shame because it sounded like it was going to be fun. But my overindulgence gave me time to think about the coming year, and solidify some plans. Firstly I need to start writing again. So expect the Nerdvana section to get an update in the next week or so. Secondly I need a new TV, to obtain a new TV I need more liquid capital. So I have set myself a goal to pay off my car loan before the end of the month. To do this, things will get rather lean around the old homestead. But it will be worth it.

Finally I need to upgrade my tech infrastructure at home. I can no longer continue to run things in the slipshod way, they are currently. My main PC desperately needs an upgrade, it no longer does even a passing job at playing EvE. With the new TV I will need a HTPC to make full use of it, and it is beyond time for me to set up a proper NAS. I am living on borrowed time with my current storage system (if you could even call it that) and have no where to physically put another hard drive in my main PC to manage the ever expanding storage requirements I have.

I’m feeling energised and excited about these new challenges I have set for myself along side the others I have. I also need to wipe off the credit card debt I have been ignoring for the last year and a half, along with the requirement to save up for a trip overseas at the end of the year. So i wont have to spend Christmas with my family.

So 2010 will be The Year of Money for me. Everything will revolve around it. But at the end of it. I should be pretty damn well setup. I just need to find a TV with 5 HDMI ports.