It seems a little strange writing a welcome message to absolutely no one. Because right now no one knows that this place exists. Thinking about things from a harsh reality perspective, that is more than likely going to be the case in the long term as well. My dreams of fame, fortune and walking down a red carpet lined with reporters, with some curvy brunette sexpot ( who is just dieing to go back to the hotel room to have her wicked way with me) on my arm will hardly ever come true as the result of a Blog.

But it cant hurt…

Anyway. I should tell you a little about myself.

First thing that everyone should know, is that I am a dude. So that colours pretty much everything in my life.

The second thing, is I very much like being a dude. Women really did get screwed over in the gender war, and I thank the great Flying Spaghetti Monster every day that I don’t have to deal with the shit they do. Plus I’d never get anything done if I had my own set of boobs. I would constantly be trying to answer questions I have not had a chance to get answered. Can one motor boat ones own boobies? Is it possible to knock yourself out with one?

The third thing, which is vitally important is that I am a gamer. This means that i spend large amounts of time staring at screens be they TV or Computer, making little representations of myself do things i would never do in real life. But i take those things seriously.

There are plenty of other “things” that describe me. But if i tried to list them all you would open up google and start searching for ways to off yourself faster than i could say.. well anything else.

Anyway. My intentions for this shabby little corner of da Internets is to give me a place to put out there the things i find funny in life, along with the things that happen in my life that might just make other people laugh. Usually these revolve around some event in which i have caused myself harm either through stupidity or lack of attention. I’ll put together a list of greatest hits that my friends already know. So you will get an idea of the fun things you can expect. Trust me, my past pain will provide you current joy.


Oh one last thing, my spelling and grammar are pretty crap. I know it, and its something I am actively working on. So cut me some slack, if you don’t, you might very well see your comments feature in a future update of mine. Just saying.