Yesterday i spent an inordinate amount of time shopping. Normally this is an activity that i will go to great lengths to avoid. At times i have even faked being sick, even if that means i must suffer the consequences of being sick. In the instance of pretending to have tummy problems this means not eating anything other than vegemite soup and toast for a few days. What is vegemite soup you ask?

It is a horror beyond compare. Imagine if you will the wonderfully divisive substance known as Vegemite. Now i personally like the stuff, which isn’t much of a shock considering that I am an Aussie. But Vegemite soup is something else all together. The ingredients for Vegemite soup are fairly simple, 250ml of hot water, and 1 tablespoon of Vegemite. Stir the Vegemite through the hot water until it has dissolved. Then serve.

Truly horrendous. So when i say that i hate shopping enough to escape it by inflicting Vegemite soup on myself i think you can get a sense of exactly how much i hate it. But yesterday i was out running around from 9:30 AM until 3 PM and apart from a few isolated incidents the time was spent in search of a list of particular items. Those items i was searching for were a rug of a suitable size to cover up a cat5 network cable which stretches across a hallway, a cake knife, and a microplane. Wouldn’t be all that hard to find you would think? WRONG!!!

After visiting two knife specialist retail shops, two department stores and one kitchen outlet store it became apparent that no one understands the concept of a bakers knife, also known as a cake knife. But as soon as you say bakers knife people instantly think “bread knife.” Which is not correct. Long story short i managed to find what i was looking for, that being a knife with a blunt tip a serrated edge which used a scalloped form of serration and that had on overall length in excess of 10cm. The one i found and ended up buying was actually called a ham knife, and only one side was was actually beveled with a cutting face not unlike a Japanese sushi knife. I suppose you could use it to carve up ham, but my one never will.

The Microplane was a bit easier but i was blown away by how much people were trying to charge for this little wonder. Topping out at 50 bucks, and going down to about 30. I suppose its because of brand name rather than functionality, but when it comes to kitchen equipment at times it pays to buy the real thing rather than a knock off. I am pretty sure that this thing will be with me for quite a number of years and the only way i would buy another is if i lose this one in a move.

The rug however was a pure cast iron bitch. The reason i needed a rug was to cover a network cable stretching across a hallway to my xbox 360 from my router. The reason i am using the network cable and not just using wireless is because im sick of playing a game and then having the wireless drop the connection and i disconnect. Why is this so important now compared to before? Because about a month ago i bought a new TV. A new 50 inch plasma tv which i still have to stop myself from calling “my precious” and caressing it in inappropriate ways.

 I’ll post a entry just about it and my plans in the very near future. Suffice to say they are extensive and expensive. Anyway long story short to connect the xbox to the router i have to stretch the network cable across the main hall. I have it in a trip guard strip but rather than just have that out in the middle of the main hall i was told i needed to cover it with a rug. The hallway isn’t a standard width, and because of the unfortunate placement of a book case the rug has to go on an angle.

I have gone to 8 different carpet/rug stores. where only three rugs were found that met the criteria. However the cheapest was 170 bucks. To custom make a rug it would be cheaper but the time for deliver was measured in weeks rather than minutes or hours. This i was told was totally unsuitable. So 170 bucks later we had a rug.  In between all this searching i managed to squeeze in about 10 minutes to go to a video games sale where i picked up Assassins Creed 2, and Halo ODST at heavily discounted prices. All up i spent less than 90 bucks. I have started playing through ODST, as i fully intend to trade it in for Red Dead Redemption, once i have completed the single player campaign, as i am only interested in it for how it expands on the Halo story, rather than anything else.

So far i have become rather annoyed with how dark everything is. There is an enhanced view mode which helps to an extent, but tbh. They really could have done better work with the shaders rather than just making everything black when you are walking through the city street of a megalopolis in the year 2550. Im fairly sure by that time the human race will have worked out how to sufficiently light their city streets for the evenings. Beyond that i am a little disappointed in that it doesn’t match the preview movies which showed you being guided by signs and lights and TV screens through the streets avoiding patrols and what not, by some unknown entity. At the moment i feel like im playing more of a gun nut detective following the footsteps of other members of my combat drop team and their actions.

Will have to see how it goes. It can still very easily live up to my ideal. Just have to see how it plays out.

Anyway the whole purpose of this post was to express how my priorities have shifted because when i used the microplane today it was like those moments in the movies with the hallelujah song suddenly burst from nowhere. I was greeting some parmesan to go into my breakfast omelet and it was like i was grating butter, and the parmesan flakes looked just like snow the way they were floating down into the bowl as i shaved that block of cheese. It was a fricking miracle. Now had this been two years ago id have wanted to kick my own arse for feeling like this and then wanting to tell the world. But now all i want to do is spread the gospel that is the wonder of the Microplane.

Recently i have become much more focused on the mechanics behind making good food and i am sure that i will be sharing more things about this with you all in more depth in the future. I can think of no better way to demonstrate the fact that i have undergone a rather large shift in priorities than the fact that this last month, i have spent more time looking up food related items on the Internet than i have looking at porn. Shocking i know.

Im gettin old. Thats the only thing i can think of that explains it.