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Growing up. You don’t notice it until things have already changed.

I realised today that some of my core priorities have changed over the last 10 years. Things that used to be vitally important to me, no longer hold as much significance, and things which 10 years ago I would have mercilessly made fun of other people if  they had told me they liked, are drawing my interest quite significantly. The thing that really brought this home to me was the fact that I was “rationalising” my porn collection so that I could use that freed up space for BBC Planet Earth HD episodes.

That porn collection had been sacred to me for quite some time. I am notoriously lazy when it comes to backing things of importance up, yet I always had a redundant backup of it, which I would sync up every few weeks depending on the cool things I might run across on my travels through the interwebs. But with streaming media I really didn’t need to save it anymore.

I hadn’t consciously thought about this until I looked up after freeing 15 Gigs of HDD space and being hit with the thought that If i had lost that same 15 Gigs to a bad sector on a HDD even two years ago I’d have had a good cry over the lost treasures which would never see the light of day again. Yet I had just finished a power session of self inflicted carnage, so I could watch puffins jump around on some rocks in High Def.

I’m not sure if I like the new me.

Its a dirty job. Thank god I don’t have to do it.

I have to say, I am really caught up in this little TV show called Dirty Jobs hosted by Mike Rowe. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it i highly recommend making the necessary adjustments to your life to rectify that rather large issue. Its a great show, all centered around this one guy who mucks in (with apparently his whole heart for a day), on a job he has never done before, and is one that the majority of people would run, screaming in horror away from.

The humor that Mike brings to the show, his ever present self assurance that he is going to die doing some inane activity, like scooping cow manure from a vat into a bucket or some other crazy situation. Genuinely brings a smile to my dial. He is fairly fearless in the activities he takes on, and doesn’t pull any of the expected ” Do you know who I am? I ain’t doing that!” BS that you would expect from any entertainment personality when presented with the situations he has been. He utterly puts to shame that UK show “Im a celebraty, get me out of here.” Those guys are wimps pretending in a carefully stage managed situation. Mike and the crew of Dirty Jobs go totally Gonzo, filming everything as it happens in all its filthy glory, never once turning away from the action, as any other same person would.

Ive been going through the back catalogue of episodes and I have to say that what ever they pay him and the fantastic team who work with him to bring a show about some of the most disgusting things you could imagine, into your lounge room and make it entertaining, just isn’t enough. The team of Dirty Jobs are worth their weight in gold. Also one of the best things about the show is that it makes a hero out of the little guy, the guy who quietly goes about his chores in what we would all consider hell, so that we the privileged can do what we do. Quite often the people who Mike is working with are characters in their own right, and would fascinate, if you bumped into them in a pub and asked them what they did.

As long as you could get over yourself enough to not instantly dismiss them. Which is what most everyone does every day, and its to their detriment. Because these people are for the most part some of the most honest, strange, friendly, passionate, salt of the earth, people you could meet. I cant count the number of times after watching the horror show that is their job they turn around to Mike with a big smile on their face and say they love their job after he tells them he doesn’t know how they do it.

Go out there and watch the show people, better yet if you know of a job that inspires horror, and just thinking about it requires a few hours in the shower trying to clense yourself of the thought. Drop them a line and suggest that Mike comes out and give it a go. Who knows you might even get on TV.